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Semester Lesson Plan


Semester Code Courses Semester Lesson Plan
1 HUH1A2 Islamic Education and Ethics not available
1 HUH1B2 Christian Education and Ethics not available
1 HUH1C2 Catholic Education and Ethics not available
1 HUH1D2 Hindu Education and Ethics not available
1 HUH1E2 Buddhist Education and Ethics not available
1 HUH1F2 Confucian Religion and Ethics not available
1 HUH1G3 State Ideology not available
1 BAH1A3 Business Economics Download
1 BAH1B3 Introduction to Business Administration Download
1 CBH1C3 Fundamentals of Logic Download
1 LUH1B2 English Download
1 DUH1A2 ICT Literacy Download
2 LUH1A2 Indonesian Language Download
2 BAH1C2 English for Business Download
2 BAH1D3 Organizational Theory Download
2 BAH1E3 Business Mathematics Download
2 BAH1F4 Principles of Accounting Download
2 BAH1G3 Business Law Download
2 BAH1H2 Business Philosophy Download
3 BAH2A4 Business Taxation Download
3 BAH2B3 Leadership Development Download
3 DUH2A2 Entrepreneurship Download
3 EBH0B4 Business Statistics Download
3 BAH2C3 Marketing Download
3 BAH2D3 Human Resource Download
4 BAH2E3 Mandarin Language Download
4 BAH2F3 Organizational Behavior Download
4 BAH2G3 Business Operation Download
4 BAH2H4 Business Finance Download
4 BAH2I2 Business Practice in Indonesia Download
4 CBH3M2 Business Communication Download
4 BAH2J3 Business Analysis Download
5 BAH3A4 Business Research Methodology Download
5 BAH3B3 Business Ethics Download
5 BAH3C3 Innovation and Creativity Download
5 BAH4D3 Business Information System Download
5 BAH3E3 Business Planning and Development Download
5 BAH3L4 Human Resources Development Download
5 BMH2G3 Consumer Behavior Download
5 BAH3O4 Business Dynamic and Institution Download
6 BAH3F3 Advanced Entrepreneurship Download
6 BAH3G3 Export-Import Business Download
6 BAH3H3 E-Business Download
6 BAH3I3 Business Negotiation Download
6 BAH3J3 Decision-Making Theory Download
6 BAH3M4 Employee Performance and Compensation Download
6 BAH3N4 Marketing Research Download
6 BAH3P4 Financial Planning Download
7 BAH4A3 Business Modeling Download
7 BAH4B3 International Business Download
7 BAH4C3 Business Strategy and Policy Download
7 BAH4D3 Business Risk Analysis Download
7 BAH4Q4 Bank and Financial Institution Download
7 BAH4R4 Culinary Business Strategy Download
7 BAH4S4 Retail Business Strategy Download
7 BAH4T4 Family Business Strategy Download
7 BAH4U4 Tourism Business Strategy Download