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Description of Program

Bachelor of Business Administration Program is one bachelor program under School of Communication and Business, along with the Bachelor of Communication Studies Program. Initially, this program was named Bachelor of Commerce Administration, which opened since June 2008. The number of Bachelor of Business Administration Program students is increasing every year, until the even semester of 2019/2020 there are 1640 active students. In order to realize the vision and mission of the university and study program, since Odd Semester 2015/2016 the business administration program opened international class. Bachelor of Business Administration is accredited “A” National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT), which is valid from 10 October 2017 until 10 October 2022. The Bachelor of Business Administrastion Program has also internationally accredited, with PREMIER status, in 2018 by The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC) based in United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Business Administration Program prepares students to be experts in the field of business management, equipped with an understanding of the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in contemporary business management, in response to the demands of global business competition. Besides ICT skill, Telkom University’s business administration study graduate is also equipped with supporting skill, including: entrepreneurial skill, interpersonal skill and trans-cultural communication skill in business world, always ready to anticipate changes, and able to have an edge to compete as an answer to the challenge of business competition.