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Learning Outcomes

In accordance with the guidelines for the higher education curriculum preparation, learning objectives in Business Administration program includes four things, which are attitudes, mastery of knowledge, basic skill and specific skills. The following is a complete description of the learning objectives of the Bachelor of Business Administration Program, Telkom University.

  1. Cautious to God Almighty, have noble moral, ethical and integrity.
  2. Honest, responsible, tolerant and disciplined.
  3. Searching, understanding, respecting and utilizing local values in business practices.
  4. High spirited and able to work in team
  5. Be able to carry out coordination and supervision functions, utilizing local values and wisdom.
  1. Understand and have the ability to recognize and capture business opportunities.
  2. Be able to use business resources effectively and efficiently.
  1. Skilled in organizing business activities as an effort to realize business ideas.
  2. Develop and create new business that is profitable, sustainable and beneficial to the community.
  1. Be able to recognize and measure the business potential comprehensively.
  2. Able to design business strategies and policies.
  3. Able to design the basic structure and function of business organization.
  4. Able to design and implement policies in the field of HR.
  5. Able to design and implement business information systems.
  6. Able to design business finance and measure financial performance.
  7. Able to evaluate the effectiveness of business organizations.
  8. Able to use models or methods of business design.