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Program Learning Outcomes

Following the reference for the preparation of the higher education curriculum, learning outcomes in the Business Administration S1 Study Program cover four things: attitudes, mastery of knowledge, general skills, and special skills. The following is a complete description of the learning achievements of the S1 Business Administration Study Program at Telkom University.

NO CODE Program Learning Outcomes
1 PLO 1 Functional Business Area: graduates demonstrate an understanding and application of basic business functions in all functional areas in business administration
2 PLO 2 Communication: graduates demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
3 PLO 3 Analytical thinking and problem solving: graduates demonstrate the ability to evaluate, analyze, and interpret information to make business decisions.
4 PLO 4 Demonstrate ethical values ​​and professional attitudes in handling organizational and business problems
5 PLO 5 teamwork: graduates demonstrate the ability to work in teams to achieve common goals
6 PLO 6 technology: applying technology and information, using it to support business processes and make decisions