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International Program

International Business Administration Program, Telkom University, was first opened in 2015. This International Class is part of the Business Administration course with learning materials delivered in English, which includes lectures, internships, exams, theses, trials, scientific publications, and others. The course curriculum used in the international class is the same as the curriculum in the regular program of Business Administration, with the addition of a number of international activities and certifications, including:

  1. Edutrip, educational trip to international companies and overseas universities;
  2. Every graduates will have at least one international certification, where the type of certification will be determined by university and in accordance with the study program’s skill and education;
  3. Internship in international or multinational companies;
  4. Student exchange/transferable credit earning in overseas universities.
  5. Shorter study period, 3.5 years program. (regular program length is 4 years)
In addition, several international class differentiator facilities, among others:
  • Each classroom is reserved for one class;
  • Classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment;
  • The design of classrooms and furniture facilitates learning and discussion;
  • The classroom is placed in Tokong Nanas Building, Telkom University, which has an academic lounge that can be used by all of international programs’ students.
The University also provides assistance in strengthening English language skills, for students who need it by:
  • Before the first semester, new students get English Preparation Class;
  • During the first year, students receive an English language acompaniment to improve their English from the Language Center;
Lecturers in the international class is lecturer in the regular program of Business Administration, who is eligible to be assigned to teach in international class,
Here are some of the activities undertaken in the international class of Business Administration:
  • Edutrip to Malaysia and Singapore
  • Program Student Exchange to Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • General Lecturer with Prof. Veland Ramadhani: