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As a series of community service activities carried out by a team of lecturers of the Business Administration Study Program at Telkom University, counseling and mentoring activities have been carried out for MSME businesses to be able to produce promotional videos with engaging content on social media. With the development of social media and the need for video-based content, it is an opportunity for MSMEs to reach a broader market so that their products and brands are better known and can increase sales.

Moreover, with the existence of Instagram Reels, Tiktok, and Youtube Shorts platforms, MSME businesses, content creators, and also social media users began to be led to watch and make short but information-rich videos. Although the duration is getting shorter, the difficulty is increasing. Because it is easy for users to pass content that is not interesting even though the opportunity to be seen by more people is very open. Therefore, personal branding training on social media, especially the ability to produce quality videos, is essential.

The Abdimas team from the Business Administration Study Program, Faculty of Communication and Business, Telkom University, held this MSME assistance online for six months. MSMEs that are partners are producers of wooden children’s toys that have been established for three years but have not been optimal in marketing their products online. They have difficulty creating marketing content on social media. “Thank God. It has been done well. Although not all partner problems can be resolved, hopefully, in the future, they can work together again to solve the challenges faced by MSMEs,” said the head of the community service team. In the future, the Telkom University community service team will carry out a briefing on the production process and improve financial statements for MSME partners.

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