4th International Seminar and Conference on Learning Organization


On October 25-26, 2016, School of Economic and Business together with School of Communication and Business, convenes its fourth International Seminar and Conference on Learning Organization (ISCLO). PERURI and Telkomsel were included as sponsors. The event was organized under the auspices of Telkom University.

This fourth of Seminar and Conference on Learning Organization focused on continuous improvement of business process, expanding possibilities in Digital Era. Management visionary understands that systemic factors account for most organizational problems, and changing these has more potential for improvement than changing individual performance. Fueled by rapid development and deployment of social and digital technologies, traditional notions of effective leadership extended.

The conference was attended by more than one hundred participants from wide array of countries including representatives from Asia continent, Middle East, western part of Europe and others. The participants were students, lecturers, and also practitioners.

The conference was hold in The Grand Tjokro Hotel Bandung, West Java province, Indonesia. The topics of this year’s conference included:

  • Learning and Corporate Strategy
  • Leadership in Learning Organization
  • Measuring learning Organization and Knowledge Management Audit
  • Multi Culture Issues in Learning Organization
  • Learning for Innovation
  • Social Networks and Crowd Learning
  • Learning Organization in Multi Sector

Speakers included:

  • Nina Insania K. Permana, President Director IPC Corporate University
  • Veland Ramadani, Associate Editor of International Journal of entrepreneurship and Small Business (IJESB), South East European University, Republic of Macedonia.
  • Ratri Wahyuningtyas, Head of Master Management Program from School of Economic and Business, Telkom University. For more information please go to: http://isclo.telkomuniversity.ac.id

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