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Alumni of Business Administration Studies Program Telkom University is incorporated in an association of alumni under the name FAST (Forum Alumni Telkom University). FAST is an association / official organization formed by alumni of Telkom University (24 March 2007), and consists of all alumni from all study programs at Telkom University.  (http://www.fast.or.id/)

FAST Secretariat Location:
Sekretariat FAST – Forum Alumni Universitas Telkom
Jl. Danau Laut Tawar No.A/69, Bendungan Hilir Jakarta Pusat)


Dian Indah Zulastari

Bachelor Degree (Sarjana) of Business Administration / 2012

Owner Limpapeh”s Kebaya

As an alumnus of  Business Administration department, I am very grateful to be able to directly implement all the courses I had learned from the beginning of the semester to the end. Throughout running my business, I found numerous terms, theories, and philosophies of business given by lecturers. Hence, it is not difficult for me to run my current business like  exporting of goods abroad as I have learned all the techniques, methods and basis of business in my college.

Campus organizations have participated in providing benefits in my business. I finally noticed about teamwork, leadership, achievement, and responsibility.

Thank you Business Administration Study Program, I hope it can create so many entrepreneurs and more jobs for the sake of Indonesia.

Vieni Aulia

Bachelor Degree (Sarjana) of Business Administration / 2015

principal’s secretary di Stamford School

Tekom University is already a very complete package for new students anyway.

With the title of world class university, the facilities and infrastructure are super inclusive and updated; the teaching staff are super cool and not rigid, not to mention the campus activities that help us to improve ourselves!

The complete package, they prepare you for the future! Yeayyy!!!

Putri Meuthia Pratiwi MS

Bachelor Degree (Sarjana) of Business Administration / 2013

CEO PT Tanijoy Agriteknologi Nusantara ( Tanijoy)

As an Alumnus of School of Communication and Business of Telkom University, Business Administration department  is a golden opportunity. I gained a lot in terms of values both Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual intelligence. During my study, enthusiasm and support were always given by the lecturers and staff hence I was awarded the 2017 Achievement Graduates and Student Activity Transcript (TAK) record of the year, 2017 (Hopefully it could inspire the next generation haha). The most important thing, for sure,   is the passion in creating, collaborating and competing.

Values ​​contained in the spirit and my achievements encouraged me to face the next adventure in the world of practitioners, where I am mandated to develop an educational institution in collaboration with the Senior Experten Service (SES), a Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation – non- profit organization. Furthermore, I am involved in the world of Financial Technology in the field of Agriculture, entrusted as a Product Owner to manage teams from various educational backgrounds (IT, Design, Agribusiness) aimed at helping the productivity of farmers in Indonesia. The experience is inseparable from the fundamentals and the integration of the knowledge I gained during my bachelor degree at Telkom

Denis Supraba

Bachelor Degree (Sarjana) of Business Administration / 2014

Frontliner at Erha Dermacenter

Telkom University is not only a place for studying, but also a center of the character building to shape an independent, honest, and outstanding person. To support the broad-minded knowledge, Telkom University maintains its students to be active and developed as well as to be ready to compete with both domestic and  foreign students. With the student exchange program that I participated in, I gained knowledge that could be applied in various fields of education and the world of working.