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Dr. Asep Miftahuddin, S.Si., MAB.

  • Sarjana Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Padjajaran
  • Magister Administrasi Bisnis, STIA-LAN Bandung
  • Doktor Administrasi Bisnis, Universitas Padjajaran
Area Akademik:
  • Busines Administration
  • Business model development
  • Data analytics
  • Tourism.
Kelompok keahlian:
Business and Organization Sustainability

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Asep was born in Tasikmalaya, July 8, 1982. he has expertise covering Busines Administration, Business model development, data analytics and tourism.

At first he studied at Padjajaran University in computer Science (2006). After that, Asep continued studies at STIA-LAN Bandung (Business Administration, 2010) and the doctoral programs was achieved from Padjajaran University (2021) in the field of Business Administration.

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  • Pengantar Administrasi Bisnis
  • Strategi dan Kebijakan Bisnis

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Topik Penelitian Unggulan

  1. Public Discussion Analysis On #Metaverseindonesia Using Social Network Analysis (SNA)
  2. Urban Tourism Destination Image Perception Based on Social Network Analysis: The Example of the tourist sites in Indonesian
  3. Hashtags, Influencer and Digital Movement of Opinion Mobilization Halal Industry: A Social Network Analysis (SNA Study)

Pembimbingan Tugas Akhir Mahasiswa


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    Thank you for Mr. Asep Miftahuddin ( Journal of EthnicFoods Scopus Q1 Publish 2019)
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